Book Writing Mastery

The Book Writing Mastery program is a webinar series of 8 modules which
introduces all the main tricks-of-the-trade about how to get your first book going.

We can help

Why we do it

A Webinar is a great form of education!

Reason one

We offer it as a very useful means of inspiration: repeatedly replay the advise given on the Webinar and energize yourself for the important project of writing your first book.

Reason two

We offer it as a very helpful tool for acquiring of new techniques if you want to write any book whatsoever.

Reason three

It is about time this kind of high-level expertise is made available to the public!

About Us

Professor Garry Trompf, Emeritus Professor in the History of Ideas who has published in a variety of different disciplines, has made this available for the Webinar business of Sharon Trompf, his daughter. Please contact her on…

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What people say about us

Success stories by our valued clients

“Garry is known as the chaser of grand ideas of European history. Garry has a great ability to see cultural phenomena in their infinite complexity.”

- Professor Carole Cusack

University of Sydney, Australia

“Because of its impact on China, I rate In Search of Origins among the famous books of Religious Studies in the Western World.”

- Professor Hong Xiuping

Nanjing University, China


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